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Installing an uninterruptible power supply is an excellent way to protect critical systems. However, it is no guarantee of continual power as UPS components and UPS batteries are not properly maintained. A planned program of Preventive Maintenance should always be considered as an essential part of any standby power protection system.

Preventative maintenance is an important part of our service. Spotting future faults and identifying potential failures is important for smooth operation of Power protection Equipments.

We have extensive experience of UPS/BC/INV maintenance and currently doing the services of large number of sites throughout the Middle east. Whether you require Troubleshooting Service or interested in purchasing a scheduled preventative maintenance contract we are happy to be of assistance.

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UPS Testing by Expert

We supply UPS Services to ensure that your UPS/BC/INV remains fully operational and ready to support your critical systems at any instant such as UPS maintenance and occasional remedial work that may be required.

PTS offers a large variety of maintenance contracts ranging from fully comprehensive cover to callout cover and would gladly assist with deciding which option best suits you. In addition, 24 hour telephone support is provided as standard. In the event of a fault, a fully qualified and highly trained engineer will attend site within a specified time period to rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

We recognise the importance of the business that our clients conduct and because of this we are happy to provide the services you require. Whether scheduling preventive maintenance for out of hours or conducting a detailed site survey in advance of major works, we are able to offer you with a bespoke solution to your equipment needs ensuring little interference to your business operations.

APC UPS Repairing Services In UAE - Best Repairing & Replacement Services

Powertronics is one of the leading providers of APC UPS Repairing Services in UAE. It perfectly understands the need and significance of the correct installation of UPS to keep the entire system working comfortably during a power outage. But the continuity of the power can not be guaranteed as UPS parts and the battery may have some technical issues. Therefore, we are here to deal with every technical error, which acts as a hurdle between you and your task.

Once the result of all testing indicates the short life of the UPS battery, we suggest our customers replace that faulty battery with a new one. If the battery has become old over time, the only way to get rid of the poor performance of the UPS is to replace the battery.

Only when you can experience better productivity from your UPS or uninterruptable power supply. So let us know whether you have a requirement to replace the battery. If you do, then, you can get our affordable APC UPS Battery Replacement Services in UAE that only enhance UPS performance but also increase the durability of your device.

Moreover, we also focus on preventive maintenance, to safeguard the device from expected and unexpected failures. Predicting faults, which may come up in the future, and taking correct measures are 2 important roles of our job or service.

Therefore, get in touch with us and seek help from our experts, who are UPS AMC Contractors in UAE.

Benefits of our highest-quality UPS thermal Imaging Service
1. Boost the performance of UPS and battery.
2. It reduces breakdowns and stoppages of the device.
3. Inspection of every single part of the device to figure out the problem.
4. Reasonable rates for services.
5. Customer support.

Maintenance Services include:

. Visual Inspections

. Voltage Recording

. Current Recording

. Vacumming

. Cleaning

. Waveform Recording

. Calibration

. Transfer Function Checks

. Load Bank Testing

. Air-Filter Replacement

. AC and/or DC Capacitor Replacement

. Performance Certification

Benefits include

. Maximized UPS Performance

. Decreased Critical Load Exposure to downtime