UPS /Battery Charger /Inverter Refurbishment & Repair

UPS /Battery Charger /Inverter Refurbishment & Repair

Further to our maintenance services PTS also offer Refurbishment / Retrofit works for different manufactures equipment's. Customized Retrofit makes maximum re use of existing equipment and it is more economical then new installation. At the same time backup power system got upgraded to the latest technology, spare availability of long time, increasing functionality, improving reliability and safety. Our recommendations are designed to rectify or improve your current back-up power infrastructure as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

We offer the option of both in and out of normal working hours to suit your requirements and can offer remedial works to be undertaken at any time of the day or night whether during the week or at a weekend.

Services Include:

. UPS / BC Battery Replacements

. Fan Changes

. Capacitor Replacements

. UPS Replacements

. On site repairs