Battery Installation, Maintenance & Replacement

Battery Installation, Maintenance & Replacement Services

Batteries are the most important aspect of an uninterruptible power supply. Battery provides the power to UPS in the event of a mains failure. An old or badly maintained UPS battery set could affect the autonomy time of your uninterruptible power supply and result in a massive problem should you get a mains failure.

A system without a reliable battery backup will render the UPS in unsatisfactory conditions. Batteries have a limited time life and their proper maintenance is of high importance to guarantee efficiency to the UPS and avoid potential failures.

Battery Maintenance and Installation in UAE Battery Installation by Powertronics TS Expert Battery Installation Testing


. Visual inspection

. Battery Charging and Discharge Test.

. Cell, Block Voltages and Ripple Current Measurement

. Battery Acid/Electrolyte filling Supervision and Cell top-up

. Specific Gravity Checks

. Cleaning and Greasing

. Thermal Imaging

. Battery Impedance Testing

Battery Supply and Replacement Services in UAE

UPS comes to the rescue when the power is disrupted and you have to complete all your significant tasks meeting the deadline. With UPS, the power is uninterrupted and you still have a chance to finish your work. But problems arise confusing many users about why UPS is not working the way it should be. It is simply because of some technical glitches and to fix the glitch, you need expert help. So, here we are to answer each of your queries and provide services related to UPS & batteries.

We are renowned as one of the leading Battery Supply and Replacement Services in UAE. It has been decades since we started this platform with the aim of providing our potential customers with the best & satisfactory supply of UPS batteries.

Our primary objective is to attain and maintain the trust and satisfaction of our customers. In addition, we let them experience the smooth functioning of UPS, which they get from us. Apart from supplying and replacing UPS and batteries, we handle maintenance work taking care of customers’ needs and requirements.

If you are encountering poor performance of the UPS, then, it could be due to deteriorated condition of its battery. In that case, we replace the old battery with a new one. After replacing the battery, we test the UPS through various techniques to assure the proper working of the device.

Benefits Of Our Battery Supply and Replacement Services:-

1. Battering charging and discharging test.
2. Complete cleaning of the device to ensure no dust or unwanted materials accumulated in it.
3. Thermal imaging to record the temperature and radiation (heat) emitted by UPS’s internal parts.