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The internal resistance of a battery is made up of two components: electrical, or ohmic, resistance and ionic resistance. Electrical Resistance is a measure of the opposition to current flow in an electrical circuit whereas ionic resistance is a measure of opposition to current flow due to internal factors such as electrode surface area and electrolyte conductivity.

Internal ohmic values (AC resistance) can be useful as a trending tool and can help to indicate the overall health of a battery being measured.

A lower internal resistance generally indicates a higher capacity; therefore, an increase in internal resistance over time can indicate declining battery capacity, or degradation. Measuring the trend over time will indicate which cells are weakest, or abnormal. It is important to note, however, that internal resistance varies between different batteries and battery manufacturers.

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Replacing a whole battery string is a costly exercise. A preventative annual UPS battery impedance check will test each individual cell within the string. This can identify any weak or failing individual unit, leading to a much lower replacement cost (or possibly the battery being re-conditioned) compared to the expense of swapping out an entire string. At the same time this will of course check the overall battery string health ensuring that any UPS will deliver the protection expected from it when needed.

Effective Battery Impedance Testing Services in UAE

If something is wrong with your UPS battery and you are unable to continue your required task due to it, you have come to the right place. Here, we provide you with result-oriented battering testing services so that your device starts working again and lets you continue with your work. Hence, get in touch with us and avail our best Battery Impedance Testing Services in UAE.

Powertronics conducts all needed battery tests so that we can be fully aware of what the fault is and how it can be fixed. Battery Impedance Testing is one such important battering testing technique with the help of which, we not only observe the overall performance and health of the UPS battery but also record current flow opposition in the circuit.

Through impedance testing, our engineers are able to predict all possible dangers that can lead to UPS breakdown. After all, the battery is significant to maintain the supply of power to the system. And if the battery is at fault, effective testing is required.

Moreover, with impedance testing, we can detect how long the battery will function and when one needs to replace it. From detecting longevity to the death of the battery, we do all without causing trouble to customers

So, if you are looking for the same UPS battery services, simply, reach out to us. Our experts will make everything clear to you.