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PTS Thermal imaging service involves electrical inspection in checking the components of UPS and battery using special infrared equipment.Infrared cameras are used to detect and photograph infrared radiations produced by warm objects, thus enabling an object's temperature to be analyzed in a non-invasive way and with a high level of precision. in this way it is possible to perform a preventive diagnosis of breakdown risks by analyzing the temperature of components including transformers, electrical switchboards, power factor correction systems, distribution cables, protection devices, isolators, UPS, converters, and batteries, etc.

Using thermography, it is possible to check active installations and rapidly identify critical situations affecting energy distribution and electrical components (loose or corroded connections, load imbalance, overloads, presence of harmonic currents).

Thermal imaging is used to check for "hot spots" which would indicate points of high thermal stress in the cell or the battery bank. Thermography tests can help to identify problems such as overheating, inadequate heat sinking or air flow, undersized current conductors and interference from neighboring cells or devices. The images can also be used to determine the best location for the temperature sensors used in protection circuits.

UPS and Battery Thermal Imaging services in UAE

Whatever the issue you are facing with the UPS battery, leave all the work to our trained engineers. We are best known for providing our customers with top-notch UPS and Battery Thermal Imaging services in UAE. Surely, UPS is the best way to let power go to the device to make it functional. It is definitely the ultimate help when you have to keep your device functional at least for some time so that necessary work can be done with ease. But things started to develop in an unpleasant way when the UPS stops supplying your system with sufficient power due to unidentified technical faults. Our professionals are efficient in conducting various required tests to detect and analyze the actual performance of the device. On detecting the status of the UPS battery, they easily succeed in determining and resolving all errors that are stopping your device from functioning well. UPS and battery thermal imaging is one such test that helps our professionals to check and capture the functioning of all the internal electronic parts of the UPS and battery using infrared technology. Our team of engineers uses an infrared camera for the analysis of the radiation produced by parts of the UPS battery. And once the temperature of the device is recorded through an infrared camera, it becomes pretty simple for our team to fix all the issues of the UPS. After issues are fixed, your UPS again becomes functional and carries out its task quite well.

Benefits of our highest-quality UPS thermal Imaging Service

1. Boost the performance of UPS and battery.
2. It reduces breakdowns and stoppages of the device.
3. Inspection of every single part of the device to figure out the problem.
4. Reasonable rates for services.
5. Customer support.


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